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Can you Play Switch While Charging? Know the Facts!

Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular consoles in the gaming world. When you come across the low battery notification while you are enthusiastically playing, what can you do? It is questionable to use such equipment while it is charging because it generates some heat. Thus, we want to discuss the possibility of playing Switch when it recharges.

Can you play Switch while charging? You might be wondering whether it is safe to pay when the Switch is charging. Let’s hope to talk about the potential outcomes of it in this blog post, so join our discussion.

What Battery does the Nintendo Switch Have?

First, we recognize the battery that Nintendo Switch is designed with. There are several Nintendo Switch models, and all of them are designed with lithium-ion internal batteries.

The specialty of these batteries is they can prevent electronic devices from overcharging. If you have the original or OLED Switch, its fully-charged battery can last 4.5 to 9 hours since they come with 4310mAH lithium-ion batteries. But the Nintendo Switch Lite has a battery with less capacity; its capacity is 3570mAH, so it can last for up to 7 hours after you fully charge the console.

However, these estimated time periods can vary depending on the capacities of the games you often play.

How Long does Switch Take to Charge?

Nintendo Switch models can take maximumly 3 hours to fully charge. But you need to use standard devices to charge it. The adapter should be a standard AC adapter, and the cable should be USB- C cable.

If you want to charge it within 3 hours, you are advised to keep the console in sleep mode or just power it off. However, some studies show that the console can charge quicker when you play games while charging because it tends to draw more power when it is stressed.

However, it is still controversial. And remember, when you use the Switch for a long time, the battery capacity gradually declines.

How to Tell Switch is Charging?

You can plug the console into its charging cable to recharge the console. It is a USB-C cable. Then a notification will appear on the screen, which confirms that your console is recharging. And also, the battery percentage will be shown.

That is the basic method to tell whether the Switch is charging. Moreover, there will be a lightning bolt on the console’s battery indicator.

Navigate to the home screen and check the top right corner in order to check it. That light will disappear when the Switch fully charges.

Is It Possible to Play the Nintendo Switch While It is Charging?

Yes, it is possible to carry on your playing during the Switch’s charging session. It does not matter whether to hold the Switch or keep its docked mode.

There are different kinds of Nintendo Switch models, such as original, Lite and OLED, and it is okay to use any of those during the charging period.

If you worry about the battery of the Switch, there is nothing wrong with charging and playing because it does not damage the battery.

It is because Nintendo Switch is designed with a Lithium-Ion battery which can prevent electronic devices from overcharging. When the battery is completely charged, the device itself stops the battery from getting further power.

If you prefer to use the handheld mode, you can plug in your charging cable and play as you usually do. However, it is not comfortable to hold the Switch and play with your hand because the charging port is located in the below centre of the console. Anyways, it would be better to use the docked mode to charge the Switch.

What Happens If you Play the Switch While it is Plugged In?

If you play games while your Nintendo Switch is charging, the time it takes to complete charging depends on some factors. Otherwise, there will not be any damage, although you play games while it is charging.

Especially the charging time can vary according to the game you are playing. If you play a high-demanding game that consumes more power, the Switch takes some time to charge. In contrast, if you play a kind of an average game that does not require a lot of power, the console will charge quickly.

In addition, the settings on the console affect its charging. If you have increased the brightness and sounds of the console, sometimes, it may take some time to charge and vice versa.

The other thing is the charger you use for your console. It is highly recommended to use the standard charger cable and a compatible adapter for charging the Nintendo Switch. It is advisable to use the charger that comes with the console.

Then you can cut down charging time and avoid any damage. Or else, it is okay to use a USB-C charger. You should not use your regular phone charger to charge the console because they are not powerful enough.

does keeping the switch docked ruin the battery

Does Keeping the Switch Docked Ruin the Battery?

No, you should not misunderstand the docked mode; it does not ruin the battery of your console. The reason why, the charging system of Nintendo Switch has been created is to minimize overcharging.

When the charging period is completed, the Switch itself can stop charging further. Therefore, your battery will not have any damage.

The Nintendo Switch dock is made of plastic, and it has electronic connectors. The docking station also supports making connections between the Switch and other electronic devices such as TV, projector and monitor.

Can I Use My Phone Charger to Charge the Switch?

You are not advised to use your phone charger to charge the Nintendo Switch because they do not provide enough power for the Switch, unlike the standard cable and AC adapter. Most phone chargers cannot provide an adequate amount of juice to Switch during the docked mode as well.

But a high-quality power bank might be able to provide enough power for the Nintendo Switch. and also, they do not do any harm to your console. But it is advisable to check the capacity of your power bank before using it for the console.  

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