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Can you Use a PS4 Camera on PC? Easy Steps!!!

PS4 camera is popular among not only the gaming community but also anyone who is interested in camera because it is a motion sensor camera that comes with 2 lenses for recording and motion tracking. Luckily, you can pair this camera with many other devices for gaming, video conferences, etc.

Can you use a PS4 camera on PC? Yes, of course! It can work as a webcam for different purposes, such as game streaming, video calls and many more. Today, we will find out all the details regarding the compatibility between PS4 camera and PC.

Is the PS4 Camera Compatible with PC? 

Yes, PlayStation 4 camera is compatible with most Windows 10 software. So, in general, the computers produced after 2010 can work with PS4 cameras without an issue. But you will need a good broadband bandwidth. PS4 camera is empowered with advanced technology as it can align with different software.

You will need a 3.0 USB port to connect the camera and relevant software, which helps the camera to work.

Your PC webcams can record the screen in RAW and YUP formats while you have connected the PS4 camera. The four-channel microphone array is able to catch the basic voice commands except for the background.

There are some other camera accessories that can enhance your gaming experience, such as a PS4 Controller, Privacy Shield, etc.

Apart from Windows, PlayStation 4 camera can be used with PS4, Xbox One as well as Mac OS X. Moreover, it works with some kinds of freeware apps too.

Can you Use a PS4 Camera on PC for Gaming? 

It is possible to use your PS4 camera on PC for playing games. All the features that you need for gaming, such as a microphone, motion detector, screen recording, and so on, are active when you connect the PS4 camera to your PC. Therefore, you can play the game on your PC.

After you set up your PS4 camera on your PC, you can start streaming. In order to do that, first, the ‘Share’ button should be pressed while playing. It is up to you to choose YouTube or Twitch from the menu.

Then you should log in. If you do not have an account, you have to create a new one. Next, you need to select ‘Include Video from the PlayStation Camera.’ scroll down the broadcast menu to find that option. But you should select ‘Include Audio in Broadcast’ to activate the feature of voice command/ chat capability.

Remember that the microphone will not work, in case you do not choose that option. Accordingly, you can play games on your PC with a PS4 camera.

Streamlabs and XSplit Broadcaster are instances of popular programs that you can run on PC with a PS4 camera.

What are the System Requirements for Using the PS4 Camera on PC?

First of all, you need an adapter to connect the camera, which is compatible with the PS4 camera. And there should be a 3.0 port on your PC. If your PC has a USB 2.0, you cannot connect the camera.

Apart from them, it would be better to use a display stand and VR move controller for a better gaming experience.

What are the System Requirements for Using the PS4 Camera on PC

Then you can download compatible software to install on your PC. you need to download configuring OrbisEyeCam Boot Driver.

LibusbK also works for ps4 camera on PC. Refer to the below-mentioned procedure to download and install the software.

These are the basic needs that you want to connect a PS4 camera to your PC.

How Do you Use the PS4 Camera on PC? 

Here we have clearly listed the steps you should follow to use the PS4 camera on PC.

  • Use a compatible adapter to connect your PS4 camera with a USB 3.0 port. You will hear a notification ringtone when it is successfully connected.
  • Then search the tab called ‘Device Manager’ on ‘Start Menu.’ There, you will see a tab as ‘USB Boot.’
  • After that, the ‘Windows Driver’ should be downloaded. Here our recommendation is OrbisEyeCam USB_Boot Driver.
  • After you download it, save all the files in the PlayStation PS4 camera drivers’ folder.
  • Next, run the installation and tap on ‘Finish.’
  • Check the ‘device Manager.’ you will see that the USB boot has come below the USB devices. If it does not appear, refresh the PC.
  • Go to the folder in which you saved the files and run OrbisEyeCameraFirmwareLoader.exe. Sometimes, you will be asked to give permission for that, so allow it.
  • Again, you need to check the ‘Device Manager’ to ensure that the camera has moved under the ‘Cameras’ section.
  • Finally, check whether the camera is working using a camera app.

After that, you can use the camera for streaming, as we have described above section. Moreover, you can use the camera for recording content, social media messages, and video conferences.

What Resolution is the PS4 Camera? 

PS4 camera is a product by Sony Computer Entertainment, and it comes with two highly-sensitive cameras; both have a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels with wide angle lenses having f fl 2.0 for recording and motion tracking.

There are three video frame rates as 1280×800, 640×400, and 320×192 pixels, according to Hz rates, and it would be better to set up the highest resolution. Moreover, it can focus within 30 cm. And since it is a motion sensor, the PS4 camera is perfect for gaming for both PS4 and PS5.

How Can I Watch My PS4 Camera on My Phone? 

You are allowed to view PS4’s second screen on your smartphone too. To enable this feature, you need to adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Connect the smartphone to the same network to which you have connected the PS4 system.
  2. Then you have to go to the settings on your PS4 and select ‘Mobile App Connection Settings.’
  3. There you will see an option as ‘Add Device’; tap on it.
  4. Then you will see a number on your screen.
  5. Now you can open the PS4 second screen on your smartphone. Choose the relevant PS4 system on the phone.
  6. Type the number you got before on the second screen.
  7. Now tap on ‘Register.’ you will see the device name underneath ‘Add Device’ on the PS4 system screen.

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