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How to Cancel a Subscription on Steam? Quick & Easy Steps!!

Several entertainment businesses are promoting their individual membership services. Since Netflix started the craze and became popular, sites like Steam have taken on the role of an aggregator for all available memberships. However, canceling a membership you are no longer involved in for any circumstance, like EA Play, might be challenging. You might want to unsubscribe from a steam subscription because you don’t have involvement in that anymore or want to do something else or whatever. So, how to cancel a subscription on Steam? Let us find out.

How Do I See My Subscriptions on Steam?

You may reach the memberships via your profile choices if you’re engaged in a game that calls for a subscription, like Elder Scrolls Online. Everything you have to do is as follows:

  • Tap on your username in the top-right-hand corner of the Steam app or homepage.
  • Choose “Account Information” from the drop-down list.
  • Locate “My subscriptions” inside the “Store & Purchase History” box that appears. There are no ongoing subscriptions if you do not even notice it.
  • You will be sent to a website where you may adjust your subscriptions if you select the “My subscriptions” icon. From that, you may stop paying for your present membership.

Or the Steam Workshop is fairly easy to navigate. Nevertheless, if you don’t know where else to search, it could be a little more difficult to locate the stuff you’re subscribing to. What you must do is as follows:

  • Launch the Steam application on your computer device, or go to the Steam webpage using a search engine.
  • Choose Workshop from the menu bar by hovering over it, or choosing Community from the menu that appears.
  • Browse the Workshop page until “Your Workshop items” appear near the corner.
  • Start a new tab by clicking “Your files” underneath.
  • Choose “Subscribed Items” from the list on the side. The objects can be sorted by title, period of purchase, origin, or most recent update.
  • You may choose how many things to display on every tab by employing the nav icons below to move through the table.
  • You may view and control your subscribed products from this screen. You have the choice of evaluating the Workshop product, adding it to your favorites, or fully staying away from it.

How to Cancel a Subscription on Steam?

Canceling a subscription to Steam isn’t rocket science. You just simply have to visit the website and find the subscribed service and cancel it. Sound easy, right? Follow the procedure below to get it done:

  • Visit the steam website initially. Any search engine may be used to terminate your Steam memberships. 
  • Log in. Users may log in employing their Steam user account credentials to access the page.
  • Simply select Manage Subscriptions. It is located to the side of the section labeled “Store & Purchase History.”
  • This page may show all of your current contracts.
  • Find the subscription you want to cancel and Choose Cancel. By doing this, the service automatically ends.

You won’t get a refund for the remaining half of the subscription time if you terminate your membership midway around. But until the access time is through, your membership will be valid. For instance, if you signed up for the Elder Scrolls Online premium monthly contract on January 1 and decided to quit on January 10, you wouldn’t receive a portion of your funds back; instead, your ESO subscription would have remained valid until February 1 and been canceled before it was scheduled to renewal.

How to Download Subscriptions on Steam?

Once you launch Steam, you’ll see a Community option. The Steam Workshop, which offers a variety of modifications, is located in the Steam Community. You may obtain and use modifications for these titles. You may view a selection of titles that offer the Workshop functionality as a response. You may use a search to explore the things as well. This is how you Setup Subscription Products from Workshop:

  • The Steam Workshop may be accessed via the Community Page.
  • After this, you can access your profile banner image and see Your Workshop Documents, where Steam indicates.
  • Then choose Your Workshop Documents.
  • This may immediately redirect you to a different page.
  • Choose Subscribed Products from this one 
  • Select the desired Subscribed Product by clicking on it.
  • It will direct you to that particular website. Completely copy the address.
  • Visit Steam Workshop.
  • Copying and pasting the Subscribed Product’s Address

This is the way people get Subscribed Products from the Steam Workshop.

Steam Subscription Plans and Prices

Valve has already revealed that they are offering subscription-based applications to Steam. 

Darkfall Unholy Wars is the service’s debut title; it has an initial cost of 32$ and a 13$ monthly subscription price. More titles with a subscription model will come, according to Valve.

Users have complete control over their subscription services and may register for, extend, or terminate them at any moment via Steam.


What Are the Steps for Buying a Steam Subscription?

Getting a subscription service for a Steam title is comparable to acquiring the game itself. Browse for the title you want to subscribe to in the Steam marketplace, then pick your preferred subscription service and complete the purchase procedure. The contract is extended regularly in the absence of a cancellation request before the beginning of the following payment month.

Does Steam Cost Money?

Anyone may use Steam completely free. The system and your Steam account are free. Purchases on Steam’s marketplace, including buying new titles or subscriptions for new material, generate revenue.

What’s the Best Way to See Acquired Mods on Steam?

By carrying out the procedures outlined above, you may get the table of modifications you’re running right now if you’re using Workshop mods. The modifications you’re running may be accessed via your Steam profile information under “licenses and product key activations” if they were purchased straight from the Steam shop. Regrettably, there isn’t a simple way to browse modifications throughout all titles you are presently playing because the majority of game-based patches are displayed under their individual game.

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