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Top 5 Free Games on Epic Games 2021

Epic Games is a good game developer and a publisher where you can find many games. Most of the games are paid and here are the Top 5 Free Games on Epic Games 2021.

Top 5 Free Games on Epic Games

Their free games include the most popular games in the world right now. Epic Games give paid games for free, weekly, and for seasons. Epic Games was created in 1991 by Tim Sweeney. Here are the Top 5 Free Games on Epic Games in the year 2021.

  1. Fortnite
  2. Rocket League
  3. Hyper Scape
  4. Path of Exile
  5. Rogue Company

You can install these games completely free and you have to install the Epic Games store to your PC first and then You have to make an account using google Nintendo any other methods.

1. Fortnite

The first game of Top 5 Free Games on Epic Games is Fortnite. Fortnite is a game developed in 2017 by Epic Games and free to play the game.


Fortnite is one of the most amazing and popular games in the world right now and in this game you can make your team and play the game. Battle Royale is the most popular mode in the game. In this mode, you can play alone or as a team and when playing as a team you can choose your team or the game will auto pick your team and you have to fight against 100 more players. You have to loot for weapons and resources to make walls, stairs. You can ride vehicles in this game too.

The map in the game is huge and the play zone is getting smaller and smaller eventually. So landing in the play zone is the best thing you can do because you can collect more recourses from the saved time.

Now it is the seventh season of the game and each season the developers give players new maps and new modes to play. Now there are lots of players in the world including celebrities.

You can play Fortnite on many platforms as  PlayStation 5, Nintendo, Xbox Series X, and Series S  and also they have introduced this game to Android and IOS recently but every android device cannot play this game because this game needs high-end specifications.

2. Rocket League

Second of the Top 5 Free Games on Epic Games is the Rocket League game which is developed by Psyonix and published in 2015.

Rocket League

This game is a multiplayer game and what you have to do in this game is there are two teams in the game each player has a rocket-powered car and they have to hit the ball and goal into the opponent team’s goal area. It works like a football game.

It can be hard in the beginning and because of that, I recommend playing tutorial and play training mode for a while before playing an online game and also you can play the single-player mode to training too. During the game, you can pick powers, and also you can perform trick shots here.

This game has been developed through the years and now it has been nominated for many awards and won many awards too and it will explain why it is still popular.

This game is playable on many platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, Mac, And more and it is free on every platform. Can be downloaded on the Epic Games store.

3. Hyper Scape

In third, we choose Hyper Scape. Hyper Scape is a multiplayer free-to-play game developed and published by Ubisoft and released in 2020.

Hyper Scape

This game is a little similar to the Fortnite game but it is a newly released game by Ubisoft. In this game, there are several modes you can try but the most popular mode is battle royale mode and in this mode, you will have to fight against 100 players.

You can play as solo or with your team. The team will be auto selected or you can add your friends.

You will be delivered to the map by pods and then you have to collect weapons and powers. The map will be shrink in time and it will be harder than the beginning. Supply drops also can be seen in this game.

This game is available to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. When installing from Epic Games you are required to connect your Ubisoft account to your Epic Games account in order to play the game because this game is developed and published by Ubisoft.

4. Path of Exile

At the third position we have Path of Exile game which is a action role playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear in 2013.

Path of Exile

Though this game is old it is on the top of the list still. In this game, you can choose seven characters and you have to find and fight against ancient gods, on your way you will find more and more challenges and enemies.

You can upgrade your skills and weapons by collecting gems, there are many powers and skills you can obtain and these powers and skills will be different by the character you choose.

There are three modes you can choose to play in this game and these modes define the difficulty of the game. Standard, Hardcore, and Solo Self Found are the three modes you can choose. The difference between the standard mode and hardcore mode is, in standard mode, you can respawn if you die but in the hardcore, you cannot be respawned. In Solo Self Found mode you can’t make friends and make a league or trade goods, you have to play on your own in this mode.

This game have been nominated to many awards and have won many awards through these years.

This game was available on limited platforms but the developers have been making the game available on many platforms and recently they have released this game to Mac OS too. This game can now be played on PlayStation, Xbox, Mac OS.

5. Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a third-person shooter game released in 2020 and this game is developed by First Watch Games. This game is getting more popular every day.

Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a game that everyone loves to play, In this game, you can choose characters and these characters are known as Rogues. At first, you can only have few rogues but you can unlock them after your level-ups. In this game, i am sure that you can have a good experience.

There are several maps and modes you can choose in this game, and every season of this game changes the rouges maps and add new modes. The most popular modes are Demolition and strike outmodes. In demolition, you have to defend safe zones from enemies planting the bomb and after five rounds you have to plant the bomb. The team that wins 8 rounds first wins the game.

In strike out mode, you have to capture and hold the safe zone or you have to kill the enemies to win.

Each rogue has unique skills for example character Dima is specialized in bombs and he has a grenade launcher that can be used to down a couple of enemies at one time. The more you play this game they are giving you a grade to your used rogue.

Customization is a big part of this game, you can customize each rogue’s weapons with skins and you can buy new costumes. As I told you earlier you can buy new rogues too, but to this all you have to collect coins. To collect coins you have to complete daily tasks or level yourself up. You can buy coins using money too from the store.

This game is playable on most platforms and this game does not need that many high-end specifications. Rogue Company is available on PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Windows.




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