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F1 22 | Review – From Formula 1 to Supercars Best Racing Game

We get on track and not only with Formula 1: how many steps forward does the Codemasters series make in F1 22? Let’s find out in the review.

Finally, we’ve got our hands on the final version and can tell you every detail of F1 2022 in our review. A few weeks ago, we focused on F1 Life, the first novelty introduced with the new chapter: it is a new social hub that allows us to show trophies and supercars in a personalised space. We will be able to create our virtual avatar, buying the clothes that we like best.

However, this is not the only novelty and modality present in this new title from Codemasters. We also have the F1 Sprint races, the Miami GP, and the more classic Career mode, My Team and Time Trials. There is also full multiplayer support for VR with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive on PC, aesthetically revised vehicles, new sporting regulations and aerodynamics.

Then comes the possibility of driving Supercars like Ferrari, Mercedes and Aston Martin. The developers also promise updated physics and improvements of sorts, but will they be able to meet our expectations? It’s time to finally get on track, challenge the best drivers and tell you everything we can about the new F1 2022 in our review.

Do we have different physics in F1 2022?

This year, Formula 1 is renewed, offering different cars from an aesthetic point of view and an aerodynamic point of view. There are also new race regulations that generate a completely renewed challenge.

Have the developers been able to bring all this back into the new F1 2022? The answer is “almost”. Certainly, from an aesthetic point of view, the cars have undergone the change we expected, even if we cannot say the same about the game’s physics.

The study of the liveries, the shapes, and the tires gave excellent results: on a graphic level, we were completely satisfied with the changes made. The cars follow the real models in every detail. Some aspects of the race also change, although they seem to be influenced more by the new regulations than by the diversity of vehicles.

Although the cars are heavier and have undergone a variation in aerodynamic loads, we have not been able to perceive these changes at play. We feel some changes from the past, especially when cornering, even if it’s not that drastic. The grip is slightly less pronounced but not as much as we imagined.

We also perceive better management of the feedback the tires gave: in this chapter, temperature and compound influence race performance more. However, even in this case, the changes compared to the past are minimal.

A driving model that follows the new regulations

Although there is no such drastic change from the past driving model, we were satisfied with the management of the cars concerning the new race regulations. In this case, the developers have tried to faithfully follow what happens in real races, showing that they take great care of the gameplay.

With the new cars and regulations, through the wakes, you go faster than those in front, and this is certainly a change that we perceive compared to the past.

As for the force feedback, we confirm what was anticipated in our preview. From our review of F1 2022, it emerged that the title has some improvements compared to the past, even if we are not yet 100% satisfied: in summary, We have noticed a real increase in force feedback, although, on some occasions, we hear a mild response and limited.

We appreciate the improvement and hope that even better results can be achieved in the future.

Total control over F1 2022

One of the most interesting parts of the new F1 2022 structure is the 360 ° management of the car. Compared to the past, the end-user can control the entire race aspect and not just drive on the track. In addition to important tire management, we can control the formation lap and the pit stop, a real novelty compared to the previous chapters.

The new management of the formation lap allows us to be masters of the car in the same way as a real Formula 1 driver. If in the past we could drive only in the first part, now we have the opportunity to drive also in the final part, until we reach our race position.

Before the autopilot drives, we will be asked to manoeuvre up to the starting square in the first or the tenth position. Therefore, in the last part, the remaining meters will be indicated, and we will have to position the car in the correct area.

The same system also applies to the pit stop. Until the previous chapter, this too was handled by autopilot. Now, however, we will be able to drive until the correct position is reached and resume once the change has been made. While entering the pits, we must go through the pit lane with the speed limiter and reach the exact position. Otherwise, we will lose a few tenths of a second.

Of course, this is optional; you will not be forced to drive to the starting grid, nor will you be required to complete the pit stop manoeuvre. You decide whether to use this new introduction or not. You can also observe the entrance to the pit stop with the classic view with which you observe it during a real GP.

Did we hit the track in Miami?

The Miami GP was one of the most talked about and anticipated in Formula 1, being an absolute novelty. Codemasters could not fail to introduce it in its new chapter, with all the case details. This new track was built around the Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Garden. A city circuit comprises narrow sections surrounded by swimming pools and yacht ports.

The circuit mainly comprises two parts and has three DRS (Drag Reduction System) zones, indicating the track’s fastest area rates left and right curves that must be tackled as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the other part has to be faced in a completely different way.

If we hardly have to touch the brake in the first zone, we have to do exactly the opposite in the second. The narrowest traits are those that do not allow errors. A missed braking could cost us the entire GP. We have very narrow “S” and small hairpin bends, which we must enter carefully.

It is essential to follow the route without cutting parts. Otherwise, the tour will be cancelled. Of course, initially, you may be slightly confused, but this results from not knowing the track. After a few laps, you will begin familiarising yourself with every part of the track and appreciate every curve.

If from the point of view of driving the circuit proves to be more than fun, the aesthetics continue to be unconvincing. We certainly have weather in line with the place, but few scenic details. Palm trees on the edge of the track and some other details, but nothing too excessive. Nothing serious; in the end, what matters is the driving experience of the track itself, and it hasn’t disappointed us at all.

They are not Formula 1, but also Supercars.

One of the other innovations tested in our F1 2022 review lies in the Supercar guide. It will be possible to drive these new cars directly on the track, thanks to several modes. In the F1 Life area, we have the opportunity to buy our Supercars, exhibit them in the rooms we like best, modify them and drive them along the different tracks. In particular, the Pirelli Hot Lap offers us various challenges with different cars.

We will be able, for example, to drive our beautiful Aston Martin DB11 AMR in a drift race. We will have to push our foot hard on the accelerator and be asked to keep the car skidding for as long as possible. The more we manage to make fast, well-angled and long-lasting manoeuvres, the more points we will earn. The aim, of course, will be to get the highest score to win each challenge. Drift races, timed challenges, quick challenges, and more will be featured in this model. There will be many vehicles and challenges to suit every need.

The driving model, in this case, is fun but not that accurate. It proves even more arcade than driving Formula 1 and a far cry from games like iRacing, where we talk about real simulation.

Driving different cars in different challenges, we did not perceive a real difference in the vehicles or the behaviour on the track. Simulation management is still a long way off, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t like the idea and gameplay. Dynamic and arcade driving, but fun.

So many ways to discover in F1 2022

The novelties of this F1 2022 (remember, you can book on Amazon at the minimum guaranteed price) lie in the previous Sprint races. The starting grids of Sunday will be decreed by these short races that will be held on the previous day. A way to experience F1 in all its facets.

To complete the set of modes, we find the most classic Career, the Grand Prix, the Time Trials, the Pirelli Hot Lap, My Team, split screen and multiplayer. As for the Career, we have the option to start the mode with an existing machine or create a completely custom one. We can start from Formula 2 or enter Formula 1 directly, at our discretion.

We reiterate that we have not found any particular changes compared to previous titles: everything works exactly the same way. It is a well-established method over time, which does not require particular changes or changes. Therefore, we are satisfied. In addition to the single one, we will be able to start a Career for two, in which we will be able to race with a friend.

In the Time Trials, we will always find adrenaline-pumping challenges that will put us in competition with ourselves and the other riders in different circuits. Here too, we find no particular news or changes. The same goes for the Grand Prix, within which a race weekend can be created in Formula 1 and Formula 2.

F1 Life still has a lot to learn.

We have already had the opportunity to tell you something about F1 Life in our preview of F1 2022, but in this review, we can tell you about it in more detail. This new model allows us to live a broader experience, offering a social hub with great potential, although the implementation is not excellent for now. But let’s go step by step.

In F1 Life, we have the opportunity to create our virtual avatar and customize it not only in its aesthetic aspect but also in its environment. In fact, in addition to changing the clothing, we will be able to change the house. We will be able to choose different objects, such as hats, T-shirts, shoes and trousers, as well as sofas and tables. You will be able to choose from many different brands, such as Alpha Industries, Robe di Kappa, Anti Social Social Club and more. All can be purchased with credits.

Also, in this section, we will be able to manage our Supercars. We can start from the one that suits us best and buy them all as we proceed with the adventure. Once bought, we will be able to display them in our rooms and show them to friends. We can arrange a Ferrari by the pool or an Aston Martin in the living room.

Moving around the various areas of the house, it will be possible to observe each car positioned. The idea is really interesting, even if its development is very limited. Basically, in fact, we will not be allowed to do anything. From this social area, we will only be able to modify the Supercars and drive them in the various modes, but nothing more. It will be like seeing an elaborate wallpaper with our cars.

We were expecting something more complex, like the city of NBA 2K22. Do you remember that kind of open world introduced within a sports title? Here, this was what we wanted, but that, unfortunately, did not happen. The premises, however, are interesting and suggest a future direction in this sense. At the moment, however, know that you will not be allowed anything, not even moving objects inside the rooms of the house.

Version reviewed: PC



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