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How to Make Xbox Controller Vibrate Continuously? Easy Steps

We regularly ponder using the Xbox Controller’s Non-Stop Vibration feature while gaming to perceive or experience a distinct emotion. Typically, there are additional reasons why people desire this. How to make Xbox controller vibrate continuously?

Whenever the controller is moving in your palms, gaming is more fun. As the game boss’s booming footsteps get more terrifying, vibration may add authenticity or actuality to a drop or explosion.

Players can experience in-game happenings as they happen thanks to the operator’s tremors, which provide a pseudo-immersion experience. This post will teach you more about how to make the Xbox controller bounce continually.

Can you make an Xbox Controller Vibrate Continuously?

Of course. By modifying the vibrating settings, you may quickly make your Xbox gamepad vibrate indefinitely. Making your Xbox controllers vibrate is possible in a couple of different ways.

One method is to make use of the rumbling capability that most consoles have built-in. Using a third-party device is another option to vibration the Xbox controller.

In order to save the energy left in your battery when they are low, the regulator disables vibration. A technical fault is likely to be the culprit if one trigger and one side of the gadget have lost vibrations.

The problem most likely rests with the games, even though you don’t experience vibration. Several video games do not allow controller vibration.

What Games Support Continuous Controller Vibration?

There are probably several more striking examples, despite the fact that the vast catalog of Xbox One titles often makes advantage of this pleasant feature.

What Games Support Continuous Controller Vibration

Spartan Assault in Halo

In addition to its entertaining gameplay, Halo: Spartan Assault draws you through into a frenzy of activity with its resounding trigger vibrations. The site begins, and chosen keys must be pressed in order to turn towards the continual controller vibrations. Then, under choices, select vibration.

Alien Isolation

A thorough rumble function would be beneficial, given how realistic and dramatic this horror is. The rumble makes the terrifying alien that is stalking you physically audible while it terrorizes you.

Click the Xbox icon to access the tutorial, then choose Profile & system, and pick Settings to enable continuous controllers vibrations. Choose Vibration options from the Accessibility, and select Controller menu.

Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin’s Creed show follows Ubisoft’s general trend of success when including subtle rumbling into its games. The most updated Xbox One edition ranks among the most outstanding.

To make the vibration possible, Choose the Options tab from the main menu. Go to the Controls section. Next, change the Vibration option’s setting to On.

How to Make an Xbox Controller Vibrate Continuously on PC?

The instructions below will show you how to make any Xbox controller vibrate continuously on a computer.

  • Connecting your device to the PC is the first step. You’ll require a micro USB cord for this. Start the Xbox Attachments application after your controller is plugged in. Through the Microsoft Store, you may download this program for nothing.
  • Choose “Vibration” following. There should be an “Intensity” slider visible. Slider movement to the right will intensify vibration while moving to the left will lessen it.

This “Test” key can be used to check its vibration as well. For a brief period of time, this will make the controller shake. Click “Stop” after you are finished.

To Windows 10

  • An “Xbox Accessories” program is available for download through the Microsoft Store.
  • The PC and the operator’s plug should be connected.
  • Launch the Xbox Attachments application.
  • Choose “Configure” from the menu.

If so, use the parameters listed below for your Xbox Wireless Controllers.

  • Choose the setup profile that needs updating or altering.
  • The “New profile” option.
  • Use the “Turn on vibration” option to activate or deactivate the vibration.

How to Make an Xbox Controller Vibrate Continuously on Xbox?

  • To access the instructions, click the Xbox icon.
  • Choose System & Profile.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose for Accessibility.
  • Toggle the controller.
  • Choose the vibration options.
  • Should choose a controller which must be changed if you have more than one.
  • Choose Configure.

Choose Turn on vibrations to enable or disable vibration over an Xbox Wireless Remote. Making your Xbox controllers vibrate is possible in a couple of different ways.

  • One method is to make use of the vibration capability that most consoles have built-in.
  • Choose “Controllers and Accessories” from the Options menu on the Xbox system.
  • Once you’ve done so, locate the “Vibration” option and switch it to its “On” setting.

Using an attachment from a third party would be another option to shake any Xbox controller. These add-ons are made to connect to any control and increase vibration capabilities.

The Xbox controllers can constantly vibrate in a few different ways. Using third-party technology like X360ce is one option. With the assistance of this program, you may assign any controller key to perform the vibrating functionality.

An option is to change the controller’s registry entries. This approach is a little more difficult and isn’t suggested for newbies. The controllers can also vibrate by using a hardware modification. This process is irreversible and everlasting.

How to Troubleshoot Issues with Continuous Controller Vibration?

The Xbox occasionally has problems with constant controller vibration. The following general advice will help you resolve those problems.

Restart the PS4 Console After Turning It Off

A minor flaw or glitch could be the root of the problem. This bug can be resolved by simply turning the device off and then on once again.

Switch the Controller Off and Back On

The next step is to unplug and re-connect your device if you’ve already tried turning it on and off several times, as well as if the problem is still not resolved.

Look for Updates to the Controller

In most cases, controller upgrades coincide with system updates.

  • Go to “Settings” in order to update the current controller.
  • Tap on ‘System Software Update‘ after finding it.

When this scans your computer, any software updates that are discovered are automatically installed. As well, when an application programs update is available, this one will upgrade the controllers.

Check the Controller

If the problem persists, re-connect the console to something like a new console to see if that fixes it.

Change the Controller Options

Restoring the controller’s default configuration is yet another quick repair that can assist you in solving the problem.


You should use one of the aforementioned techniques to make the Xbox gamepad vibrate continuously. Pick the approach that best fits your requirements and ability set. You can get your gamepad to vibrate continuously by exerting a tiny bit of effort.

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