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How to Get Puzzle Pieces in Hay Day? Daily Tasks & Puzzle Pieces!

Mobile games have become a new commodity in the daily life of the 21st century with the new advancements in technology. Thus Hay Day is another game which has become a trend among youth and the old as the game brings out competitively in the people with themselves while running a marathon with the world. Thus hay day is an invention of creativity, competitiveness and also enjoyment. Millions of gamers discovering the properties of hay day question how to get puzzle pieces in hay day. Therefore, this article will discover how to get puzzle pieces in hay day.

What are Puzzle Pieces On Hay Day?

Hay, as a mobile game, has many new and interesting features that make the game more and more broad and famous among world gaming enthusiasts. Thus puzzle pieces are one of those features that have made the game more interesting.

These puzzle pieces are a currency indication which can be used to unlock and acquire animals in your sanctuary. Every animal, like elephants and hippos, consists of a puzzle with 36 pieces each.

The gamer must collect and fill out the puzzle to buy the animal into their sanctuary. Thus puzzle pieces can be considered a currency indication in which you pay with the puzzle pieces for the animals in your sanctuary.

Moreover, the puzzle piece is also a key towards another level in your game while you develop the sanctuary.

What Do Puzzle Pieces Do On Hay Day?

Puzzle pieces, as mentioned above, are a currency indication in hay day which can be used to buy or create your sanctuary with more animals. Thus puzzle pieces are those currency indications through which you can complete a puzzle of an animal which you could later add to your sanctuary.

Every animal is hidden under 36 pieces of the puzzle. Therefore these puzzle pieces allow the gamer to look for puzzle pieces throughout the game to develop and design their sanctuary to their liking.

Thus puzzle pieces are the hints of hope in hay day, while the gaming mindset visions them as the currency indication of the game hay day. Thus puzzle pieces unlock animals into your sanctuary on hay day.

How to Get Puzzle Pieces on Hay Day?

Puzzle pieces in hay day are the currency indications allowing gamers to buy the animals to develop and design their sanctuary. Thus one must comprehend all the possible ways to collect the puzzle pieces to buy animals. As we mentioned multiple times above, there are 36 pieces of the puzzle for each animal; thus, you can collect those pieces easily and quickly through the following steps.

Here are some ways to collect the puzzle pieces in summary,

  • Utilization of the wheel of fortune.
  • Puzzle boats
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Treasure chests.
  • Victories of horseshoe rewards in derbies.
  • Valley shop redeem.

Puzzle Boats

These boats will let you gain the puzzle pieces quickly. These boats will show up on your deck with an enlisted shipment to be completed to acquire a puzzle piece. Puzzle pieces on the deck will normally represent these boats. These boats’ appearance is completely random, so you might have to watch for them.

Valley Shop Redeem

You may receive the chance to get puzzle pieces in the valley on hay day. These puzzle pieces can either be completely randomly appearing or could be exchanged for tokens in the valley store. Thus, save some tokens if you need to exchange them for puzzle pieces later in the game.

Utilization of the Wheel of Fortune

This wheel allows the gamer to win rewards with their fortune. Thus sometimes, there will be puzzle pieces behind the rewards of the wheel of fortune. Therefore ensure you take the opportunity when presented with the wheel of fortune.

Victories of Horseshoe Rewards in Derbies

There are rewards given to the gamers when the gamer reaches the derby threshold points through the completion of tasks given out by the derbies. Thus the rewards given to the gamers will be completely random, and there is a chance those rewards are puzzle pieces.

Mystery Boxes and Treasure Chests

Mystery boxes and treasure chests will appear while you are gaming with some puzzle pieces in them.

What is the Fastest Way to Get Puzzle Pieces on Hay Day

What is the Fastest Way to Get Puzzle Pieces on Hay Day?

There are millions of ways to get puzzle pieces on hay day. Still, you may have yet to figure out the fastest way to get those puzzle pieces in hay day. Thus, this section will discuss the fastest way to get puzzle pieces.

The fastest way to get puzzle pieces is to complete the boat shipments appearing in your game with the representation of puzzle pieces in your deck. Through the completion of th shipment, you will receive puzzle pieces. Thus it is the most secure and easiest way to win or get puzzle pieces.

If you consider acknowledging, the easiest way to get puzzle pieces is to utilize mystery boxes and treasure chests.

Thus, you might have to try a couple of times to get better at it.

How to Unlock Sanctuary Animals in Hay Day?

Even if you get all the 36 puzzle pieces in hay day, you may only be able to get the animal to your sanctuary if you have installed a territory for them to chill and vibe. Therefore you must first unlock the sanctuaries for the animals if you need the animals to develop your farm on hay day. Thus, here is how you can unlock those sanctuaries for the animals you rescued from those puzzles after searching for the puzzle pieces.

  • First, we can build up your sanctuary from level 34 onwards. Thus you might have to reach this level, known as the farm level, quickly.
  • Ensure you earn 39,000 coins to repair the train station in your area on the hay day.
  • You have to reach level 3 as soon as you can. Therefore to do that, ensure that you serve the many town visitors you can to reach level 3 on hay day.
  • Consider saving 11 mallets, 11 marker stakes, and 11 map pieces to unlock the book stand in your town near your farm.
  • You might also have to repair the book stand. Thus it will be good to save 10,000 to repair the book stand.
  • After all, these repairing, saving, earning and struggling; you will be able to unlock the sanctuaries of a hippo and a pond.

Thus ensure that you collect all the puzzle pieces, and unlock your animals while unlocking the animal sanctuaries.

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