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The Secret to Beating Level 130 in Candy Crush Revealed

Among the earliest Candy Crush stages that are really challenging is level 130. In order to pass this stage, you must match two adjacent striped sweets a total of five times within 40 steps or less and score at least 20,000 credits. How to beat level 130 in Candy Crush Saga? You may learn the most effective method for passing Level 130 of Candy Crush Saga in this post.

Learn how to strategically plan what to do in Level 130 as well as when to utilize special sweets. Learn strategies to overcome difficulties in Level 130, as well as what boosters and super ups you may use.

What is Level 130 in Candy Crush Saga?

The 5th stage in Wafer Wharf plays Level 130, which is also the 35th level of components. You must complete this level by gathering 18 strawberries in 21 plays or less.

Marmalade or licorice locks cover the majority of the surface. Preceding the cherries may fall to the leaves. You must free them from the marmalade as well as licorice locks.

  • Every five moves, a color bomb appears.
  • In addition to opening up the board quicker, this allows for combinations.
  • The objective score for the components is 180,000 points, representing a one-star rating.

After finishing this stage on mobile, the fortunate candy booster becomes available, and three are provided for free. There are 65 open slots and five sweet hues. A total of 85,000 points are available.

How to Plan Your Moves Effectively in Level 130?

Before beginning, turn on the candy booster with the stripes and wrapping. You will receive one additional striped candy over the surface as a result of the striping/wrapped candy booster, which is what you can use to achieve one of the necessary five combinations.

Once you’ve finished seven levels within one sitting without taking a life, you’ll receive the helmet. Return back to stage 122 and attempt to finish the remaining seven levels without taking a life in order to obtain the helmet when you are having trouble getting through stage 130. A further striped candy is going to be added to the board if the helmet is present.

Before making a move, thoroughly inspect the board. Level 130 has no time constraint, so take a moment and consider your options before making any moves. Try to foresee the way the parts will assemble. You can prevent accidentally setting off any undesirable special candies by doing this.

How to Use Special Candies in Level 130?

Make candy with stripes. This might seem like a no-brainer, but because stage 130’s board is so large and devoid of impediments, there are several possibilities to create a variety of unique candies.

You only have 40 moves during Candy Crush Round 130, and they disappear rather rapidly, so don’t squander them on anything other than striped sweet. Try to remove all of a single color with a color bomb to make matching easier.

Since they increase the likelihood that the striped sweets you have made may accidentally burst before you are able to rival them, the other special sweets, including the wrapping candy as well as the sprinkle candy, could potentially work against you.

It’s advisable to avoid using the color bomb enhancer since it can obliterate the striped sweets that are required to finish the level.

How to Use Special Candies in Level 130?

How do you Combine Special Candies Effectively in Level 130?

Matching pairings with pieces of the same color is the greatest strategy for doing this since they will combine and give you points. Make a match by layering any number of those hues on top of one another once you have amassed a sufficient number of points.

To make striped sweets, match four sweets of the same hue. You must match two striped sweets together five times in a row to pass level 130. This implies that during the span of the whole game, you need to have at least ten striped sweets on the playing surface, preferably more.

When you’re ready to combine them and keep all striped sweets, avoid the temptation to activate your striped candies as soon as you make them. Obtaining the striped sweets lined up opposite one another is arguably the most difficult element of level 130. To accomplish this, arrange them between and above each other. Putting the striped sweets to the bottom of the playing surface could help if you are truly having difficulties getting everything lined up.

What Boosters and power-ups Can you Use in Level 130?

Before beginning, turn on the candy booster with the stripes and wrapping. Once the level begins, if you happen to have any available boosters, you are able to utilize them. You are going to get one additional striped sweet on the playing surface as a result of the striped or packaged candy booster, and you may use it to fulfill one of the five necessary combos.

The Lucky Sweet enhancer can also transform into any striped candy. The sweet in the checkbox in the center, which is purple, constitutes the Lucky Sweet booster.

It’s advisable to avoid using the color bombing booster since it can obliterate the striped sweets that are required to finish the level. You can buy boosters when you don’t already have any.

Prior to starting the level, utilize the final two boosters. The additional boost will give you more stripes, to begin with. Additionally, the tick mark can also convert into stripes. At this level, employing a boost is perfectly acceptable.

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How do you Deal with Obstacles in Level 130?

Make no more unique sweets of any other kind. A wrapped striped combination is simply too entertaining to see, and it always seems like a lot gets done. On Level 130, though, you might forfeit one among your few but priceless chances to create a striped sweet. Don’t hesitate to grab a match-4 when you see one.

Create striped sweets atop the existing one if you’re attempting to match one patterned candy using another. If necessary, attempt to move all of the striped sweets toward the puzzle’s base.

If you’re having trouble just concentrating on generating striped candies, you may try deviating from Hint 1 if the chance to create a color bomb arises. You can improve the likelihood of finding an appropriate match for the striped candies by using color bombing to remove a color from the playing surface.

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