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How To Upgrade A Laptop For Gaming? 10 Best Methods To Try

If you are a typical gamer, it is easy to dream of an MSI GE76 Raider or maybe a 2022 version of the Razer blade 15. Still, sometimes it cannot be affordable as gaming laptops are costly. But in this article, you will learn how to upgrade a laptop for gaming, which can improve the performance of your laptop to a considerable level, at least better than before.

How To Upgrade A Laptop For Gaming?

Upgrading your laptop may not be accessible as it sounds; however, you can level the performance of your computer by boosting up a few tips to improve the performance of your computer for gaming.

You will learn below how to upgrade your laptop in detail, which can help you improve your gaming venture. It’s not the hardware always!!

Keep your laptop clean

Overheating is a red flag for your laptop. The leading cause of overheating is dirt and dust accumulated inside your laptop, which reduces the airflow from vents.

 Overheating is one of the leading and primary reasons your laptop reduces gaming performance. The electrical parts inside the computer do not work well when the electrical charges are disturbed inside the computer.

You must clean your laptop regularly and keep it dust-free for better performance.

Upgrade RAM

A ram (Random Access Memory) with a low capacity level is not suitable for gaming laptops. Upgrading your ram is vital for the better performance of your computer.

Some laptops may have an extended ram addition, depending on the model and the edition. However, the performance of your computer increases with the more significant number of rams. You must maximize the number of rams in your laptop to better quality gaming performance.

Increase frame per second When Upgrade Laptop For Gaming

An increase in FPS ( Frame per second) is another option to develop the performance of your laptop while gaming. Compared to desktops, the laptop might be harder to upgrade the frame per second. In simple terms, the FPS means the change in the operating system settings used to maximize the resources in GUI for gaming.

Update drivers When Upgrade Laptop For Gaming

Updating your drivers is another key advantage for the performance of your laptop. All drivers updated helps to work appropriately with the hardware. The upgraded drivers also help to run the hardware smoothly and efficiently on your computer while playing a game.

One of the easiest ways to update the drivers on your laptop without worry is to turn on all automatic updates which will automatically download the drivers whenever there is an update.

Overlock graphic card When Upgrade Laptop For Gaming

The overlocking graphics card in your laptop can be pretty risky, and perhaps it can go entirely wrong if not properly equipped. Overlocking a graphics card means pushing your graphics card to a limit using tools to increase the voltage and the clock frequency.

Overlocking the graphics card in your laptop should be handled with care since it can cause occasional shuts down while playing games and unnecessary overheating. Overlocking the graphics card in your laptop makes the situation worse in the other hand, if not done correctly, tampering with the original setting, and you might lose your warranty if you had one.

Overlocking the graphics, in general, can be great if handled adequately with preventive measures, which can improve the performance of your laptop when gaming.

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When Upgrade Laptop For Gaming, You Need To Install Directx

When answering how to upgrade a laptop for gaming, we cannot omit the importance of Directx. Installing the latest version of the DirectX can be done by running the “dxdiag” latest version in your windows update. The updated version of the Directx creates an impact on the gaming hardware, improving your laptop’s gaming performance.

It is essential to update the latest version of the Directx to get faster performance, which is critical for gaming.

Close the background apps

It is not a great idea to use other apps while playing a game or multi-task while playing the game. When gaming, make sure your laptop gives complete attention only to the game, as it could strain your laptop, reducing the performance. Closing the background apps and using a single app on your computer can increase the performance and allow you to do the work smoothly.

Check internet connection

Most games played on your laptop require an internet connection. Hence a stable connection is essential to play your game without any distractions.

Check your internet connection before you start playing to prevent buffering while gaming. It is best to sit near your wifi router or connect your laptop to the wifi directly through a cable. Ethernet is the most preferred and reliable type of connection while gaming, which could most probably give you a better performance when gaming.

Replace HDD with SSD

Both HDD (Hard drive disk) and SDD (solid-state drive) are default storage drives in your gaming laptop. However, the SDD gives better performance while gaming than the HDD.

The SDD is significant in terms of improving the performance of your laptop for gaming; it not only provides high capacity storage but also prevents your laptop from overheating because of the fact it is free from moving parts, unlike the HDD. Since there are no moving parts seen in the SDD, it is lighter and needs less power to operate, and it helps maintain low heat resistance, making the laptop smoother to use.

Game mode in Windows 10

You can activate the game mode in windows 10, which has excellent gaming features. Once you activate the game mode in the Operating system, it improves the gaming experience to an optimal level.

How To Upgrade A Laptop For Gaming – Conclusion

Understanding how to upgrade a laptop for gaming helps you save a few bucks when done by yourself. Not every laptop is a perfect version for gaming but can be modified if properly equipped. It is vital to understand that your laptop, too, has limits, but it can be upgraded to get the desired performance to a specific limit.

It is essential to keep in mind not to tamper with the original setting of the laptop, which can hinder the warranty of your laptop when upgrading. Upgrade your laptop with care and make sure you don’t push the laptop beyond its limits to increase the performance, making the situation worse. So, that completes our guide on How To Upgrade A Laptop For Gaming. 



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