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MX vs ATV Legends | Review – Best Trending Game 2022

After four years, we are back to racing on Motocross, ATV and UTV

MX vs ATV Legends is the latest effort from Rainbow Studios and THQ Nordic, who return after four years with a new racing title involving different disciplines.

This is an interesting launch, made at a time when other racing titles have come forward. Here, however, we are not faced with a challenge on a clean track in the style of F1 2022, but more in front of competitions on tracks rich in mud. In our MX vs ATV Legends review, we drove Motocross, UTV and ATV and experienced a note of fun without thinking too much about the simulation.

A title that does not want to put users under stress but wants to give fun races based on adrenaline. Are you curious to know how the new game from Rainbow Studios performed? Follow us in our review.

MX vs ATV Legends returns with a much larger open world

The first thing we noticed in our review of MX vs ATV Legends (which you can buy directly on Amazon) is the presence of an even more extensive open world than in the previous chapter.

Within the title will be possible to enter this boundless world, full of different environments. The explorable space, really large, is full of paths in the mountains, canyons, main roads and shortcuts. The environment is truly varied: more muddy areas alternate with simple lawns with flashes of snow.

There is a bit of everything: hills, mountains, streams; we lack nothing. This will be the area where we can test all the vehicles in the game. There are also tracks dedicated to the categories offered in the title.

Within this vast open world, we will be able to learn to drive, become familiar with the controls, and complete our first steps. Many tutorials will allow us to unlock additional vehicles, equipment, and challenges. The adventure begins with Motocross and continues with all other disciplines. It reminds us of Steep, where it is possible to try different disciplines within the title.

Career mode takes precedence over everything.

One of the most curated parts in MX vs ATV Legends is the Career. It is a very rich modality in several respects. It will allow you to experience your climb to success in every detail.

First, you can customise your avatar in terms of its look and clothing, such as a helmet, suit and other accessories. In addition to this, however, you can complete contracts and decide how to interact with the NPCs. An interesting trait concerns the choices made: these will modify your career, leading you to take different paths.

Of course, the Career allows you to play three for one price, moving between Motocross, UTV and ATV. Our adventure will start with some basic missions and unfold into increasingly exciting challenges. Initially, we will become familiar with the means and learn how to complete the first stunts.

The development of the model is quite simple: along the map, there will be some points to reach. Once you have completed what is required, we will be able to move on to the next steps. In each area, there will be NPCs with whom to talk to obtain the information necessary to pass the test. The dialogues are certainly not as thick as in a real open world, but they are sufficient to understand what needs to be done.

As anticipated, we will have to ride Motocross, ATV and UTV. The latter are vehicles with tubular cabs, with two seats next to each other, which are intended for rough terrain.

On the other hand, ATVs are single-drive off-road vehicles with different uses. Both can carry items, and both can be, as in this case, used for crazy races. The use of the same is quite interchangeable in the game, to the point that, in some areas, we will find ourselves facing similar areas with the three different categories.

In addition to the Career mode, the title offers Quick Performances, Time Trials, split-screen and multiplayer. These are fun challenges, especially if done in company, even if less detailed than the main mode.

How do you drive in MX vs ATV Legends?

After seeing the game content, it is good to go into more driving and physics details. How have you loved said at the beginning of our review that MX vs ATV Legends is not a simulation game? It does not want to be and does not seek it at any point. It is a game that wants to be fun for everyone, which does not require special skills but still needs commitment.

The arcade-style is perfect for the means available. Of course, we don’t have to commit to the steering wheel, but we have to handle the analogues well to avoid going off the track. Otherwise, the vehicle will be lost.

All means are different to drive, even if they all sin a little in physics. We have noticed that vehicles do not move according to all the laws of physics. Initially, they will give us slightly different feedback from what we might expect. Of course, after the first few moments, we will begin to know the movements and pay less attention, but we cannot fail to notice them.

It seems that physics revolves around a single point in all mediums, generating quite different movements from what we expect in reality. We have often seen exaggerated steering and a bit too large jumps.

The feeling with the ground is certainly not the best, especially as regards friction and sliding. More than on the mud, it felt like we were on almost frozen ground. Some means, then, seem less manageable than others. UTVs, for example, proved to be the least easy to manage, while ATVs proved to be the most fun. The bikes were the simplest ones, although they also had moments of madness.

Graphics, playability and difficulty

We end our review of MX vs ATV Legends, describing some graphic and technical details. We tested the title on PS5, although it is also available on Xbox Series X / S and older generation consoles (as well as PC).

From a graphic point of view, it is appreciable, even if it lacks in some circumstances. The glance is very good and offers amazing landscapes with strong and lively colours. Lights and shadows alternate very well and offer valuable sets. When we look in more detail, however, we realise several imperfections, especially on the ground. There is no shortage of graphics bugs from time to time and a frame rate that isn’t super constant.

As for the difficulty, however, it will be possible to select some different levels, up to five, even if the differences are not so marked. In general, always proves to be very aggressive and in search of possible contact.

The opponents do not seem interested in making a clean race; on the contrary, they prefer general confusion. You have to pay attention to every corner because of how the game is set up; a minimum error is enough to be overwhelmed without mercy.

Version reviewed: PS5



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