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What is the Hype about Nero game Sri Lanka?

When it comes to the world of video games, Sri Lanka barely had anything to spoke about its own productions. With the Nero game, Sri Lanka is all set to establish a strong name among game enthusiasts around the world. Arimac Digital, one of the country’s leading digital solutions providers, is the developer of this multi-platform shooter game, and we will take you through Nero’s some of the exciting features and must-know facts in this article.

The storyline behind the game

nero game sri lanka

Ranjith Madalana, a former Sri Lankan army sniper, is the main character of the game. In fact, he is ranked among the top 10 best ever snipers in the world. He fought against LTTE in the 30-year civil war and is well-renowned for his precise aiming and shooting abilities. The developers of the game express that the name Nero is not used just for promotional purposes but to pay a well-deserved tribute to Mr Ranjith Madalana country’s one of the best soldiers.

The planned release date

nero game sri lanka

Arimac Digital has invested around 30 million LKR for the project expecting a return from the world’s incredible and staggering gaming market. The developer of the game, Arimac Digital, is planning to release the game on 26th September 2021. Game lovers who are willing to test and try this open-world action game can get hands onto early access to the game to check whether it lives up to the hype.

What can you expect in the early access?

According to the developers, they think early access is the best way to finalize the game and fine-tune it for better quality. In addition, the game will be in early access mode for a maximum of two months; that is how Arimac digital is planning as of now. They also express that the full version of the Nero game Sri Lanka will going to be a “more balanced product.”

Although the game is planned to get released as early access, you will be experiencing all core gameplay functionalities. Moreover, the content of the game is already done and dusted, and totally playable. However, as per the news from the developer, they are eagerly waiting for users’ feedback in terms of enemy placements in particular.

As an early access game, you may find some bugs in it, and we see that is perfectly normal; rest assured that they will get rectified within the next couple of months.

Here are some of the astonishing features of the Nero game Sri Lanka (early access)

  • Nine open-world maps consisting of natural elements such as lightning and weather changes
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Spectacular sniper action and bullet timings
  • Comprehensive stealth and 3rd person shooting gameplay
  • Upgradable skills
  • Ranking method and mission scores
  • Fully voiced and subtitles included
  • Explore-able hidden objects to encourage players
  • Cinematic and comical scenes

By reading out these features, we can keep big hopes on Nero game Sri Lanka to be a blockbuster in the gaming history of the tropical island of Sri Lanka and to showcase the capabilities of developers of the tiny little island. When it comes to gamers’ perspective, if the features live up to the hype, they too will get the maximum bang for the buck.

Further, you can expect an overall gameplay time of 7-10 hours. However, it heavily depends on the way you play the game, as there are ample hidden objects to find throughout the game.

The full version of Nero game Sri Lanka

nero game sri lanka

One of the evident benefits you get with early access is that you will enjoy a discount of 10-15%; the developers aim to build up a strong community via this step.

At the completion of early access, the followings are the definite elements that you will experience in the full version.

  • Improved environment visuals
  • Refined gameplay features
  • Restructured tutorials for an easy gameplay
  • Finalized story introduction and settings
  • Texts of lore
  • Credits

In addition, they will give priority to the word you have on the early access well.


Nero game Sri Lanka promises to be a giant leap in the gaming history of the country, and you can get the game on Steam after the 26th of September, 2021. If you are a die-hard open-world action game lover, we request you to have a go at this brand new game to relish the story of a true war legend; a sniper who helped his country save from terrorism. Have a great day!



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