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The Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide to Newbie XI Gil 2021

Final Fantasy XI Gil Video Guide

Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide

The most important aspect of the game is having enough FFXI Gil. Make sure you have the main currency used to buy or trade items. You need everything Gils you can get to be a good player. Whatever your game skills are, you’re going to have to use the Gils to get your equipment, weapons, and other goods. With the equipment in front of you, you are advancing quicker than most to higher stages. Here are some good tips to begin your fantasy XI career.

For Warp Quest

Within an hour you can obtain this method around 10kgil. To purchase a slime oil you have to start with 1k. After you buy the slime oil, take it in the Metal district of Bastok to the NPC named “Unlucky Rat” for a warp scroll. A strong 10K is sold in the scroll. Does it look simple? Well, the minor issue with this approach is that before the NPC takes your slime oil, you will be given sufficient fame. You are forced to take low-level missions across the city to boost your fame. That is where it takes a little time, but a lowbie is very nice around 10kgil an hour. This quest can also be reworked by building a mule account and 1kgil.

For Just Badge Quest

The search for the Justice Badge will consist of 1 rabab tail and 4 onions, which will take place in Winhurt. In the auction house for 50-100gil can buy a stack of rabab tail. Low level easy to do. You will find an NPC at the docks of Winhurst to which the rabab tail can be provided. He will issue you Justice Badge that will be sold at the auction house for 500-2000 Gil. Offer him 4 wild onions after getting the wrong one and receive a scroll selling up to five thousand Gil. This quest can be repeated with a mule.

For Fire Crystals

At the auction house, a stack of first crystals will easily sell for 2000 Gil. The collection of fire crystals has two successful methods. The usual method of blowing down and looting will be the most widely used. You have to be in levels 7-10 to start with. At your city gates, you need the bookmark cast on you. Go to Gusterburg North where you can find plenty of buzzards. You’ll really want to murder the vulterers and save time for nothing else. There is a region full of Orcs in the northwest of San D’oria. The golds also lose a good number of fire crystals. It could be about 3 stacks per hour that you average. In an hour 6000 Gil is not too bad at level 7-10.

Gardening is the other way of cultivating fire crystals. You begin by purchasing a brass flowerpot, several plant seeds, and water crystals in the auction house. Then you plant your Mog house with the flower plot and you put it into vegetable seeds. Feed some water crystals, you’ll get 17 fire crystals out of them after 1-3 days. You can make 20- 30, 000 girls every 2-3 days, with up to 6-8 floral pots per home. It takes just a few minutes to buy and plant the accessories. It’s a rich investment for the short term. The way I believe in it is money growing on trees.

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