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How to Delete Steam Reviews? [Step By Step Guide]

How to delete steam reviews? So, Let’s find out. Steam is the most popular computer gaming service at the moment. While several alternative videogame platforms, like Origin and Uplay, have entered the industry, Steam remains the preferred gaming system. Their network and ratings especially play a big factor in that. When investing their money in a videogame, players may get a sense of what to anticipate from reviews on Steam. Therefore reviews play a big role in the process since user input is frequently more accurate and important than material found online. If you’re undecided, it might assist you in deciding which titles are worth purchasing. Eventually, opinions change, or possibly your review has some errors. 

Why Would You Want to Delete Steam Reviews?

There are numerous justifications for doing this. Possibly the issue they were having with the item has been resolved, or perhaps they feel that the review they made was inappropriate and wish to have it taken down.

The bug you received might be taken care of by the creator and resolved, so your review should be taken down. Or you just overreacted in the review for a small thing and want to delete that review.

More often than not, opinions change, or maybe your evaluation has some errors.

How to Delete Steam Reviews?

There is no way for you, as a creator, to take down user comments made about your Steam product. For example, if a comment is off-topic, contains violent rhetoric, or contains confidential info, you may report it as violating Steam’s review criteria. The team responsible for community posts and comments on Steam shall examine the issue and react directly.

As a participant, you have the option to remove your individual reviews but not those of other people. Therefore how to remove steam reviews?

Follow these instructions to erase reviews on Steam:

  • Launch the Steam software on your PC.
  • Tap on your username in the upper right-hand corner to see your profile page. Check Your Account.

Your personalized Steam identity allows you to remove product ratings. Simply mouse over your identity in the Steam program or webpage on your PC to see your account. You’ll notice a button labelled “Account.” You will be forwarded if you tap on it.

  • Select the reviews icon on your account after moving the cursor to the “view” column. Any reviews you’ve posted and written on Steam will be shown.

The upcoming step you need to do is navigate to your Steam blog’s reviews area. This is located on the right edge of your display. The “Reviews” choice is down at the bottom. Select it, and you’ll be taken to each Steam rating you’ve made visible on the internet.

  • Choose the comment you wish to remove on this screen. To give a palm up or down, press the button. You can choose to remove your Steam comment on this new section after clicking this.

You must be capable of finding the product review you wish to remove if you’ve correctly gone to the rating area of your Steam account. It must be indicated briefly if you liked or didn’t suggest a game.

  • On this screen, the erase option is located on the right-hand side of the screen. You may remove your review by clicking the option.

You may access the review and management settings by clicking on the game review you wish to delete. The “User Options” are located on the right side of the panel from that. An ability to remove must be available under Account Settings.

  • Your Steam review has now been permanently erased. 

Can I Edit a Steam Review?

Yes, you have the option to edit your own reviews on Steam. Nevertheless, you can’t deal with other people’s reviews on Steam.

You may adhere to the actions underneath to modify your Steam rating.

  • Activate the Steam program on your PC.
  • Tap on your username in the upper right-hand area to access your account. 
  • Go through to the reviews section of your account and select it.
  • To modify a comment, use either thumbs-up or thumbs-down button adjacent to it.
  • Tap on “edit review” on this blog’s right side for more information.
  • The opinion can be fully edited here. Users get the option to edit both the wording of your evaluation and the extent to which you suggest the title.
  • Your opinion has now been revised; simply press “save comments.”

You’ve just finished editing an already-posted feedback on the Steam account.

How Do I Make My Steam Reviews Private?

You have the option to make your evaluation public, private, or for colleagues when you submit it. When composing or updating a comment, choose one.

Besides nature, they are still listed as viewable exclusively to your pals. By heading to your Reviews section, you may update reviews and publicize them if you choose.

How to Hide Reviews on Steam?

You are officially not allowed to hide a Steam review on Steam. However, you can change the reviews to show only to friends when posting them.

Once you publish a review, you, rather like posting a message on the site, throw anything up for general access. Sorry for the inconvenience. But, no! There isn’t any method for keeping reviews hidden.

Or else you can delete the review in your profile with the guidelines stated before and repost it if you want it to be shown to the public.


Users might now modify the feedback or delete the whole review on their Steam account if a little about the sport has improved. It frequently happens that many games have issues on launch morning, but once the flaws are fixed, the game gets significantly nicer. With one change, the game might transform beyond being terrible to fantastic. 

We hope you may have read the article and found out how to alter your controversial, overreacted, or wrong reviews in Steam or how to delete that reviews in Steam.

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