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How To Record Shows On PlayStation Vue – Best And Easy Guide

This guide will help you learn how to record shows on PlayStation Vue. One advantage of PlayStation Vue is the option to save your favorite shows and view them subsequently. Many live broadcasting platforms provide some form of DVR, and you could also set upcoming programs to auto-record.

Ps Vue is an online-based storage platform. The platform would capture and save any show you select to feature within my shows. Your shows would get saved whether your gadget is turned on or off. Even though you stop using your device, it would be continuing to keep your shows.

Whether you’re a newbie PS Vue member or considering acquiring one, you may wonder how to record shows on PlayStation Vue. This guide will demonstrate utilizing the DVR for PS Vue on different devices.

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Whenever you include an item to My Shows. It gets immediately set up to record and preserve for up to four weeks. Even if you wish to binge-watch shows, you’ll be able to view a minimum of two episodes each season before the episodes get deleted.

It won’t be the case for several series since several of them have numerous episodes available on request, so you’ll be able to watch them there. You could access any recordings over your household or out-of-home connections, apart from CBS shows.

PlayStation Vue offers DVR capacity; however, you can only save shows for a specific time. You could only store the entire series, which could also clog your DVR. If you begin recording after tuning into a station, the recording will start whenever you initially begin viewing.

Whereas the recording is already in progress, you could view it from the start. You could only view saved shows already accessible on request if you don’t get connected to your local network. Let’s look at how to record shows on PlayStation Vue.

How To Record Shows On PlayStation Vue?

To add programs to Ps Vue’s Recorder, they must first get uploaded to the My Shows category. Based on the equipment, you may accomplish this in various ways. You could add programs to the Ps Vue Recorder My Programs area on many systems by choosing the program, hitting R1, or choosing the Add symbol.

The Ps Vue Recorder is available on most platforms, including the PS4, apple, etc. Every one of the gadgets must operate fine in your local network.

Several channels will not be possible to get saved on the Ps Vue Recorder. These contain HBO and Cinemax, although because they all have full DVRs, you wouldn’t require to DVR them anyhow.

DVR is unnecessary and could not get utilized for on-demand stations because they are not live streams. Although several CBS services could get taped in certain places, they couldn’t work in many. It honestly just relies on the connection to which you have connectivity.

There are numerous ways to capture on Ps Vue based on your equipment.

How To Record Shows On PlayStation Vue On Computer

If you’re streaming material on a computer, use the instructions underneath for how to record shows on PlayStation Vue.

  • Go to Vue Ps and check in to your profile.
  • Navigate to Tv stations.
  • Choose your favorite station.
  • Select the program you wish to save by clicking on it.
  • Select My Shows and then press the Plus symbol. The selection will instruct My DVR to begin saving the program you picked in Step 4, and your show will get saved the moment it gets telecasted.

PlayStation 4

  • Launch the program on your Ps4 to access the main page.
  • Using the magnifier, look for any program you wish to start saving. Proceed with the program if you are previously acquainted with it.
  • Using your PlayStation 4 console, hit the R1 button. My Recorder will save the episode whenever it starts airing when you push a button.

Once the program gets saved, hit the L1 key on your console to access My Recorder. After that, select your show and hit the play key to start watching it.

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How to Save Ps Vue broadcasts on your Firestick

Complete the steps underneath to save Ps Vue broadcasts on your Firestick.

  • Navigate to the home screen of PS Vue on your Amazon Fire.
  • Use the magnifier to look for a program. If you currently possess it, you could skip straight to the program.
  • Use your controller to access the interface by pressing the down key.
  • Choose My Recorder to have it begin saving the episode whenever it comes on tv.

Launch My DVR to begin streaming the program once it gets saved. You may view the program on Roku by clicking the up key on your controller, and it will launch My DVR. Proceed by choosing the program and hitting the play button. If you’re using an Amazon Fire Stick, hit the Options key on your controller to access My Recorder. Then, choose the saved program and hit start to begin viewing it.

How to Save Ps Vue broadcasts on Apple TV

Complete the instructions underneath to capture on Ps Vue Recorder on Apple Television.

  • Launch the application on Apple TV to access the home page.
  • Use the magnifier to look for any program. You could also jump right into the program.
  • Swipe up on the controller to access the options.
  • Choose My DVR to have it begin saving the episode whenever it comes on tv.

My DVR is the area where Ps Vue saves all DVR recordings. It is precisely where you will locate the on-demand programs you wish to view.

Pricing of PlayStation Vue

The Ps Vue Recorder gets included in the bundle you choose. There is no difference in the four options you choose; all include DVR storage. The cheapest plan contains 45 stations and costs $30 monthly. It’s the bundle that many individuals begin with; therefore, if you’re searching for a low-cost choice, that’s it.

How to record shows on PlayStation Vue – Bottom line

Vue would scan the accessible channels for an episode whenever you request it. Complete the instructions given above to get done with the recording on PS Vue. With that, we end our guide on How to record shows on PlayStation Vue.



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