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Let’s play the interesting Carble game

What is carble game?

For 1 to 12 players, there is a board game called Carble that combines chance and strategy by using cards and marbles. Being the first player to move every marble out of your “lot,” across the board, and into your “goal” wins the game. However, the cards you have in your hand determine the moves you can make, so be strategic with them.

How to play carble game?

Carble game

Typically, a hexagonal or octagonal board is used for playing Carble. To better fit the screen and support a variable number of players, the board is “unrolled” in this web version. A lot is assigned to each player, which starts out with 4 marbles, a home space, and 4 goal spaces next to the main track.

Each round begins with each player receiving a hand of four or five cards, and then play proceeds to the left with each player playing a card and taking the appropriate action. Although this version automatically handles the relatively complex rules regarding who goes first in a hand.

Rules of carble game.

1.The majority of moves involve advancing a marble a set number of spaces to the left or moving a marble out of the lot to the home space.

2.Marbles can pass through (jump over) other marbles, but when they move to a spot where there is already a marble (even the player’s own!) they are killed and returned to the lot. A marble that is in its own place cannot be jumped, killed, or in any other way interfered with by another player.

  1. Your own marble cannot be jumped. This creates difficulties everywhere, but trying to let them inside your house is especially difficult. To properly insert them, you must plan ahead and save the appropriate cards.
  2. We permit doubles to exit. Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in a situation with no way out. You are permitted to play two non-face cards to avoid the draw.
  3. If you possess a card that can be played, you must do so. This can also be a problem because you have to play the two “8s” you have left if you only have two to get out. So in essence, even if it is not favourable, you must do a play.
  4. We use 7 cards in our game.
  5. We also have a variant where you can play triples to go three times whatever you play when we play with six players or with more seasoned players. 3 Queens would therefore move 36 spaces. Three Sevens can be used to distribute 21 places among the three marbles. The return would be 24 spots for 3 Eights.
  6. After placing every marble, you begin to play for your teammate on the left. When one team collects every marble, the game is over.

How are the cards distributed?

Move 13 places with a king Break the Start

Queen: Move 12 places to exit the starting position.

Jack: Either move 11 places or stop.

10: Shift 10 spaces

Move nine spots.

8 – Reverses eight spaces

7 – Can be divided into two marbles to move seven spaces.

6-Moves six spaces.

5-Moves five spaces.

4-Moves four spaces.

3-Moves three spaces.

2-Moves two spaces.

Ace- Moves one space or Break the Start

Joker – Any marble from your collection that is on the track or in your Start can be used to swap out any other marble on the board. landing on a rival and returning them to the starting line or landing on a comrade and delivering them to their gate.

How can I win a carble game?

Carble game

A player must burn a card on their turn by tossing it and doing no further action if they are unable to take any legal actions with the cards in their hand. Even if it’s to their disadvantage, if a move is conceivable, it must be made.

A marble has the option of being advanced into the goal once it has passed the area right beneath its own goal rather than continuing around the track. A player’s own marbles are the only ones that may be moved into their goal; they cannot be killed or jumped over by other players when in the goal. The goal must be advanced with marbles; for example, a 4 cannot be used to “back in.”The winner is the first player to maneuverer every stone into the goal.

Carble can also be played in two-person teams, with the winning team being the one with all of its marbles in the goals.

The Partner Rules

The rules are the same as in the basic version, with the exception that a Joker may be played to move one’s partner out of the way. Additionally, once a player has finished transferring all of their marbles into their goal, they may use their cards to transfer their partner’s marbles as if they were their own.

An even number of players is necessary for a partner game; if an even number of players is not available, an AI player may be introduced.

Opening Hands

Playing with your hands open allows you to view the hands of every other player, which is another variation. As a result, strategic play becomes less about speculating on the cards that other players may possess and more about logic and planning, like in chess.

Conclusion: A board game called Carble for 1 to 12 players blends chance and strategy using cards and marbles. With this version, intricate rules about who acts first in a hand are automatically handled. The majority of moves include either pushing a marble out of the lot or moving it a predetermined number of squares to the left.


How many people can play carble game?

In teams of one, two, or three, four, six, or up to six players may participate.



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