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What Resident Evil Games Are Co-Op – 5 Games 

Players can play several Resident Evil games, including one or more friends, ranging from sequels to significant releases. About a quarter of the games throughout the franchise more than twenty-year run have had some form of multiplayer. The co-op had been actually intended for the first game; however, this plan was abandoned.

The co-op inside the fun that follows is a dominant component, not an accident. Furthermore, they should exist in a primary game situation in some manner. Umbrella Corps has multiplayer; however, it’s not the same. These games are arranged from the latest to the oldest official release.

Few games were cooperative, at least within the usual sense, for the length of the franchise’s twenty-year run. The primary games that are played with a friend in order to eliminate zombies or other similar monstrous masses are those that were given in the original entries. However, precisely what resident evil games are co-op?

This was decided to return and examine each game in the franchise that contained both co-op and multiplayer aspects for this purpose. It could appear reasonable to ignore widely lauded games such as Umbrella Corps, but perhaps that’s precisely the sort of Resident Evil sensation certain players are searching for. Ultimately, there are simply facts, no conclusions. So let’s add more games to the list.

01. Resident Evil: Outbreak and File #2

In Resident Evil: Outbreak, the game made first ever entry towards online multiplayer. Throughout this game, players assume the position of Raccoon City residents whose ordinary lifestyles have been devastated by the T-Virus epidemic. Keeping with the Resident Evil series, the survivors would explore the city while simultaneously battling off zombies, obtaining supplies, and solving puzzles. Following on, a sequel called Outbreak File #2 got launched. September 9, 2004, Japan, April 26, 2005, and August 26, 2005, successively saw the game project for the PlayStation 2.

It had a few gameplay enhancements but otherwise retained its same gameplay. From April until the end of May 2005, Capcom hosted conferences supported by a multitude of gaming media. Among many others, this highlighted programs from Electronic Gaming Monthly or PlayStation Magazine. The characters and clothes which the people have received for completing those events.

02. Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 had already earned iconic respect despite experiencing a great deal of criticism when it was first launched. Resident Evil 5 attempted to increase upon everything outstanding regarding Resident Evil 4, which is also one of the top-rated videogames on Metacritic. Tension was a crucial element of its predecessor; however, it was lost in this latest iteration.

Members of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are charged with investigating a terrorist concern in Kijuju, a hypothetical province of West Africa. Chris realizes that he needs to confront his past, personified by Jill Valentine, a previous coworker, and an old enemy called Albert Wesker. It isn’t delicate; however, Resident Evil 5 is indeed a dramatic action game for two players.

03. Resident Evil Re: Verse

This one is the newest multiplayer game throughout the series, and Resident Evil Village’s free to download. This was previously scheduled to be released in 2021 with the download code as part of the package with Resident Evil Village, but then the date was moved up to October 28, 2022. A death match-style situation is the current game style. Due to its being cel-shaded, the game has a different look that distinguishes it from all other multiplayer-focused games.

Many well-known franchise protagonists and antagonists are present. Hunk, Claire, Ada, Jill, Leon, Chris, and are the heroes on that side. Here are a few bad guys: Nemesis-T Type, Super Tyrant, Jack Baker, the Fat Molded, and Hunter Gamma. Although it is now available for download, the game isn’t yet fully accessible. There was a beta stage, and the response was terrible.

04. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Through the perspective of a light-rail shooter, the videogame reconstructs the incidents from the first Resident Evil games. In order to accomplish the game’s varying levels, players could partner up, offering a cooperative Resident Evil adventure similar to Time Crisis. The game was initially published just on Wii on November 13, 2007, throughout North America; November 15, 2007, throughout Japan; and even on November 30, 2007, across Europe, except maybe Germany, in which the game is indeed not accessible due to the rejecting of a USK classification as well as its following placement in the list.

Featuring narration by Albert Wesker, a former Umbrella scientist, plus classified records related to the group’s dark intentions and activities, the game makes the Umbrella Corporation’s participation in the Resident Evil franchise obvious. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles comes afterwards. This Resident Evil Chronicle HD Edition for just the PlayStation 3 contains both Chronicles videogames.

05. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

The Umbrella Chronicles had been continued in 2009 with Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Around November 17, 2009, the game was made accessible in North America for any Wii. From November 27, 2009, this was published throughout Europe alongside the Wii Zapper device. Unlike the half-baked Resident Evil premiere upon that Nintendo 3DS, this spin-off franchise attempted something different but managed as a pleasant small project. It functions like a prologue for Resident Evil 4 and therefore is set two years before the start of that game.

The individual stories throughout the franchise act as the primary basis of the game’s content. Recounting the happenings of Resident Evil 2 as well as Resident Evil – Code: Veronica has been its immediate priority, as well as a new chapter has been included. The sequel encompassed the very next phase of said Resident Evil storyline, incorporated new weapon customization features, plus did a great deal more. This was very explicit in its viewpoint.


Within the franchise what resident evil games are co-op? Resident Evil: Outbreak and File #2, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Re: Verse, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles are some of the best Co-Op games in the franchise. However, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil: Revelations, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Resident Evil: Resistance and Umbrella Corps are also amazing Co-Op games. These games are fun, gory, and action-filled with unique storylines, so you can engage offline with a friend or close relative curled up on a couch beside you!



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