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The best games for the PS5

The PlayStation 5 is Sony’s next-gen console and promises never-before-seen levels of realism and involvement: here are the best games to put it to the test.


When it made its debut, the PlayStation 5 was among the most anticipated novelties of the year. Despite a launch cut down by the negative effects of the global pandemic from Covid, with a lack of components in the production line, shipments slowed down due to the lack of personnel to be employed in the operations and hitches related to the attempts to sell specimens that do not exist, PS5 still managed to establish itself in the field of gaming by scoring dizzying numbers of sales, with nothing to envy to the models of the past.

Between more or less famous names, great returns from the maze of memory, and breathtaking debuts, the fifth version of the console produced by Sony has been able to impress with some of the most exciting video games of recent years. What are the best games for the PS5 that you must not miss? Let’s find out together.

Hitman 3

It is the trilogy’s third chapter, started in 2016 and created by IO Interactive. With this new episode, he has won the consensus of critics and the public. The strengths of Hitman 3 are the design, the narrative structure and the ability to be enjoyable even if you decide to play again from the beginning. However, the player has already crossed the final line.

Hitman is a title able to overcome the basic concept behind the mere action, combining typical elements of the puzzles that require greater attention and an ability to grasp the details at any moment of the narrative.

Also available for PS4, it is on the PlayStation 5 that it gives its best thanks to the introduction of 4K and 60fps, in addition to the haptic feedback of the DualSense controller.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It is in 4K, at 60fps, and is the game that needs the most disk space in the entire PlayStation 5 library. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the Viking version of the most famous killer in video games. Suppose the complete development takes about 50 hours to complete, with armed raids in England at the end of the seventh century AD. In that case, the Ubisoft title requires much more to explore the entire environment, full of characterisations and collateral strands.

Changing the setting is one of the choices that emerged from the most recent episodes of the series that has now become a cult, a way to carry on a specific genre but renew it from time to time with beautiful and fun settings.

So, if the Viking charm tickles the imagination and the roleplaying game is what you are looking for, the experience offered by the twelfth iteration of the main vein of the saga, Valhalla, will certainly not leave you unsatisfied.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man, PlayStation 5, manages to drop its axes from the point of view of advancement in the field of technology. The graphics are spectacular, so advanced as to make the excellent gameplay equal to an accessory.

Among detailed shadows, reflections that you can almost touch with your hand and cats with spiderman masks that suddenly pop out of the backpack to attack the enemy, Spider-Man: Miles Morales by Insomniac Games is among the most engaging proposals l edition n ° 5 of the Sony console.

It is fair to remember that we are talking about a roguelike, or where you die – and start all over again – multiple times. Probably not for everyone, sure not for those who have little patience, but it is worth experimenting with immersing yourself in an atmosphere so realistic that it makes us wonder if what we see on the screen is not happening outside the window of the house.

Demon’s Souls

A dark fantasy-style RPG, one of the most popular since its appearance on the market in 2009, at the time for the PS3. The revival of Demon’s Souls, created by FromSoftware, has found a second life on PS5, placing itself at the top of the rankings drawn up by many industry experts.

To contribute to its success, the commitment of the graphic group and the improved movement, taking advantage of the technologies of this latest generation console. The re-edition developed by Bluepoint Games adheres perfectly to the original edition, except for a couple of negligible exceptions that are gladly forgiven in light of the quality achieved.

Although the inherent difficulties are evident, the video game is never in danger of getting tired or saying enough is enough before reaching the end. Definitely to try.

Astro’s Playroom

The boundary between video games and technological demos is extremely blurred with Astro’s Playroom. Born as an expression of the possibilities of PlayStation 5, an example of what the then-new platform allowed to do in comparison with the previous teeth models, has been able to carve out a prominent place on the international scene because he is very skilled at entertaining and entertaining even more than other options based on the same style.

All this, of course, is accompanied by first-level haptic actions and responses. Of course, after the first moments of astonishment, you understand the true nature of the proposal. Still, the desire to travel and interact with the world created by Team Asobi for the little Astro overcomes any hesitation.

And then there are the tributes and quotes from the old titles, and no fan could miss the opportunity to leap in history.




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