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What Power Supply Do I Need for RTX 3060? (Find The Perfect)

The RTX 3060 is an excellent graphics card option for the majority of gamers. Any major game can be played on high settings with no problems, and 1080p gaming may create some fairly outstanding frame rates. What Power Supply Do I Need for RTX 3060?

Even while the RTX 3060 uses less power than the RTX 3080 or RTX 3090, you should still be sure you won’t experience any problems using it. Let’s examine an RTX 3060’s power use in detail. You may better grasp the power and power connections needed by the RTX 3060 by reading this page. Learn how to connect the power supply and how to install it.

What Power Supply Do I Need for RTX 3060?

A power source of at least 400W is required

The RTX 3060’s energy varies depending on its intended use. It will consume around 170 as well as 180 watts while gaming. Even if the graphics card is regarded to be inactive, it still consumes power; for just one display system, this is about 8 watts.

The RTX 3060 requires a minimum of a 550 W PSU, according to NVIDIA. You might be more efficient using a 650 W PSU, though, taking into account various AIB variants of the GPU and PSU performance estimates. During a surge, RTX 3060 GPUs were clocked at about 195 watts.

If you have many monitors, the power consumption will increase somewhat but will still be quite low at around 13 watts. And that increases somewhat once more to roughly 15 watts when you utilize your PC to view videos like YouTube, Netflix, and a different streaming site.

Additionally, you ought to be aware that while an RTX 3060 has a “maximum” rating of about 180 watts, this is really the most level of energy that you can consistently anticipate it to use when in operation.

How to Calculate the Power Supply Wattage for RTX 3060?

Each graphics card contains a section for average as well as maximum power usage. Although most people spend the majority of their lives in less idle areas, it’s important for the supply of electricity to be able to manage any surges that occur during intense gaming, even if they last only a second.

However, this 340/400 Watt figure does not take into consideration the fact that the Power Supply Unit must power every component of your computer, raising the total needed amount. You might claim that there are typically 200 Watts more.

Additionally, that would have to be significantly higher if you ever intended to turbo any of those electronics. Although Nvidia advises a PSU of at least 550W with the RTX 3060, the tests they conducted used a powerful i9 CPU. Most likely, your total necessary number is less.

We strongly advise using an excellent 650W+ PSU for the standard 3060 as well as 3060 Ti if you’re simply building a machine or don’t have a limited budget. Although the graphics card and CPU are overclocked, this will manage the peak loads with ease.

Never choose a PSU that is unknown or of low quality since you are essentially risking the whole machine for a few pennies.

What Power Connectors Do I Need for RTX 3060?

Using a 550-watt generator, your RTX 3060 is going to have access to all the electricity it requires. The 8-pin PCIe power connector and the 6+2-pin PCIe energy cable are interchangeable. You can proceed now.

The PCIe 8-pin links, often known as “6+2” connectors, are needed on certain of the newer 30 Series GPUs, whereas others need three. The power hookup requirements differ based on the particular card, even among the 3080 product series particularly.

For its Founders Edition video cards, Nvidia has introduced a new 12-pin connection. Nvidia, meanwhile, will not be releasing the GeForce RTX 3060 into Founders Editions. This implies that AIB variations will enable consumers to make use of what they currently possess.

What Power Connectors Do I Need for RTX 3060

In terms of power consumption, the GeForce RTX 3060 comes with a TDP of 170W, which is 30W fewer than the comparable RTX 3060 Ti. Nvidia advises the GeForce RTX 3060 to have a least 550W PSU so as to provide the most consistent gaming experience possible.

What Features to Consider in a Power Supply for RTX 3060?

In order to see the highest power draw you would often experience while utilizing your GPU for demanding tasks like gaming, you ought to take a look at the value of TGP, or Total Graphics Power, whenever examining a GPU’s power usage.

It isn’t the graphics card’s real limit, though. The RTX 3060’s genuine maximum power output is in the vicinity of 190-200 Watts, although this only occurs when speed spikes; it serves as a safety feature to prevent card destruction.

Aim to select a power supply with around 20% more watts than you need so you have a little wiggle space if the power consumption of your system increases while you are working hard. You should also keep in mind the other components of your machine if the RTX 3060 has a TGP of 170.

How to Install and Connect the Power Supply to RTX 3060?

Get your PC Ready

Prior to unplugging the power source from the wall, switch off the machine. Disconnect the outdated GPU after the five minutes have elapsed. You need to take out the expansion hole plates if you’re installing your first GPU.

Activate the PCIe Slot Clips

Connecting to the motherboard with the GeForce RTX 3060 requires PCIe ports. There is a clip on these spaces that has to be unlocked.

An RTX 3060 Should be Installed

Starting off, make sure the depressions on the primary connection of the video card and the PCIe slot align. The video card will slot into place without any difficulty once it is aligned. Once you feel a faint click, the PCIe slots clip onto the memory card shut. Push down firmly on the card to confirm this. Finally, fasten the GPU to the motherboard using the fasteners that were previously used to hold the extra slot plates in position.

To the Power Supply, Attach the GeForce RTX 3060

You will normally require a couple of PCIe power cords for this reason. Connect them to a power source first, then to the connectors on your video card.

Can I Use an Existing Power Supply for RTX 3060?

A power source with an adequate output of 550 watts plus an 8-pin power connection is necessary for the RTX 3060. Therefore, if your current power supply satisfies these criteria, you are going to able to utilize it with your RTX 3060.

It is advised to get professional advice or think about buying an alternate source of power if you are doubtful about its reliability or compliance.

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