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How to See Hidden Games on Steam? Easy Steps To Follow!!

Steam is the ideal location if you enjoy playing video games. Steam, though, by default, makes your whole gaming history visible to your pals. As a result, if you desire not to reveal those facts, this guide will teach you how to conceal the game you’re currently playing on Steam as well as “how to see hidden games on Steam.”

Can I Hide My Steam Games?

Using Steam’s dialogue box, you may easily conceal game activity if you choose not to reveal your status with a select group of pals. When you wish to protect the privacy of your Steam buys and collection, and someone else has gained access to your System, this strategy is useful.

On the other hand, you can have a lot of games inside the collection, making it difficult to find the ones you’re searching for. In either case, it is wise to keep the pointless games hidden. Additionally, if you feel that concealing your playing activity is insufficient, you can keep your Steam information private.

Why Should I Hide My Steam Games or Activity?

You could occasionally desire to play a game you know you shouldn’t adore but nonetheless find yourself drawn to for some reason as a guilty pleasure. Also, you may want to keep your Steam account safe from thieves by hiding titles that you’ve bought for thousands of dollars. Thank goodness you can conceal titles on Steam in order for no one to see them.

You can prevent your friends from seeing the titles in the Steam library or somewhere else by hiding your Steam games. Your gaming achievements, stored wish list titles, and far more won’t be accessible to others. The gaming you’re playing at the moment won’t be either.

If you don’t protect the security of the Steam profile, despite having buried those sinful indulgences, your mysteries could not be safe. It’s wonderful news because Steam provides two-factor verification to safeguard your identity from malicious users. Change the Steam as well as email login details frequently to increase the security of your account.

What is Hiding and Removing Games on Steam?

A game can be hidden or removed from Steam in different ways. While deleting a game via Steam would permanently delete the game from the user profile, hiding a title would be just temporary and may be undone. Although the secret game continues to be accessible at any moment, the user cannot be capable of playing it without purchasing it again.

Akin to how you can conceal folders as well as files on your computer, you can conceal games within the Steam library. Every time, it only takes a few clicks to reveal or hide a game. Games that are deleted from the Steam library are also deleted from the Steam user. We don’t mean uninstall when we say “remove,” but rather remove the game from your Steam library.

Keep in mind that uninstalling a game also removes it from your computer. Thus, you must make a backup of the game prior to uninstalling it if you wish to save it for subsequent accounts.

How to See Hidden Games on Steam?

Prior to managing any hidden Steam video games, you must first understand how to connect these.

  •   Launch the “Steam app” and make a login if applicable.
  •  To view, select “View.” After that, choose Hidden Games” out from the options list on the Steam homepage.
  •  The “Hidden” area here on the left shows a list of each of the secret games, as well as the “Expanded” part on the right.

The secret games library functions exactly like every other playing folder on Steam, as can be seen. How do you proceed if you wish to play such games once more?

  1. Launch Steam by clicking the Steam button on the desktop Computer.
  2. Next, select Login after entering the credential for your Steam profile.
  3. Choose “View.” The Steam application’s navigation bar’s second item is where you’ll find it.
  4. Choose Hidden games. Under the “View” drop-down list, it is the second choice. This lists every hidden game you have.
  5. Right-click any sport you wish to show again.
  6. Choose Manage. Whenever you right-click a sport, a contextual menu with the item is displayed near the bottom.
  7. Choose “Remove from hidden.” By doing this, you can add the game back to your collection and delete it entirely from the collection of concealed games.

How to Hide Games on Steam?

You could instantly decide to hide a Steam buy from the collection if you prefer to protect it from others who have a copy of your computer or Mac. Nevertheless, doing so won’t make the game disappear from your computer, make it harder for you to play, or keep other users on the Steam list of friends from seeing it.

  1. Launch the Steam application, then select the Library tab.
  2. Find the game you wish to conceal, then right-click it.
  3. Click Manage, then choose to Hide the current game.

The game will no longer appear on Steam’s library page. If you wish to play it, go to the View menu and choose Hidden Activities. Then, choose Play by right-clicking the title.

If you prefer complete anonymity, you could change the privacy controls in the Steam account to hide all gameplay details. This will also prevent Steam from presenting you to certain other users as “in-game” while attempting to play any online games in your collection.

Can Friends See Hidden Games on Steam?

To conceal game-related information, switch “Game details” to “Private.” Even your buddies won’t manage to see what games you’re playing, what titles you possess, or what games you want to buy. Regardless of the settings you’ve chosen on this site, they can still access your contact list, goods, opinions, and other details.

Alternatively, you might simply make everything secret by turning the “My Profile” choice to Private. If that is the case, nobody can view your whole profile page. You may also choose “Friends Only,” which would restrict access to your account to just your Steam buddies.

Steam Hidden Games not Showing, Why?

A bad or erratic Internet connection could be the cause of your Steam games not appearing in your library. Hence, when the problem arises, you must first verify the Internet connection. The game might not occasionally appear if the game buy fails and your permission to play the particular game is absent. In this situation, restarting your device and purchasing the game again is required.

Whenever a Steam game isn’t appearing in your collection, you must also examine the Steam Library filtering settings to determine whether there are any misconfigurations that might be the cause. The problem can potentially arise from a lack of administrative control over Steam. So, you might try running Steam like an operator to resolve this problem. You can also compel the Steam application to receive an update in an effort to resolve the problem.

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